The Scholarships

Our scholarships are divided into two different age groups. Grade school scholarships (day programs) are at St. James Academy, just outside of Kampala. Our high school scholarships are at Tooro High School (private boarding school) in Fort Portal. Both are administered through our giving partner, Pangea Educational Development, a 501(3)© foundation. 

Featured story - How Just One Day Changed Juliet’s Life

Juliet is a 17 year old girl living with her 80 year old grandmother. Her parents both died of AIDS. There was no money for Juliet to go to school.  Juliet faced an uncertain future. Then she was selected to receive a full boarding school scholarship from Beads of Hope Africa. Juliet and her grandmother were so excited about the scholarship, that her grandmother insisted that she leave right then, with the team that came to give her the news. Juliet went from a life with little hope for an education to  being a boarding school student the very next day at Tooro HighSchool! 

See it as it happened in the YouTube video of her receiving the news from the Pangea Team