The Bead ladies

We gather together for “Bead Workshops” to learn new techniques and share ideas.

Meet our beaders

Akello Margaret
Laker Joyce
Aloyo Kevin
Kiyingi Robinah
Arymo Carol
Nakagulile Victoria
Anek Idah
Adong Esther
Abongo Molly
Dramiya Betty
Lamulah Ruth
Akblchia Miriam
Akulu Rosab
Mirembe Joyce
Labuka Dorreen
Labuka Santa
Langoya Jesica
Labol Angela
Odong Grace
Lakot Grace
Olum Roseline



Featured Story: Roseline

One of our most inspiring members of our Founding Beaders is Roseline.  Roseline is from the Gulu region of Uganda, the part of  Northern Uganda that has been most affected by the civil war with Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army.  About fifteen years ago, she was in the fields gathering food when she stepped on a landmine that exploded, taking off part of her foot, and spraying shrapnel to her head.  Bloody and unconscious, she was carried home where she was pronounced dead.   While the family was making funeral arrangements, someone noticed her hand move slightly.  She was not dead, but very badly injured!  Her family nursed her for many months until she was able to function.  The next year, Kony and the LRA came through her area, and her husband was killed.  Roseline and her sister were left to care for nine children between the two of them, but her sister contracted meningitis and died.  Partially blind, disabled, and still having difficulty walking, Roseline raised the nine children by herself.  She still suffers from intense headaches (due to the shrapnel which cannot be removed  from her brain without causing more damage.)  Roseline says that she feels she is “leading a blessed life.”  She also says that she takes part of what she earns from the beads and faithfully gives to a mission church in Uganda so that “less fortunate” people can be helped.  She has been so generous in teaching others skills and helping in our workshops.  Her incredible spirit and unwavering positivity truly bring joy and hope to our whole cooperative.